Preparation: How To Brew Oolong Tea

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This short post just describes a fundamental way to brew oolong tea, you can consider it as an appetizer because there are at least 5 ways of brewing which I will cover in the near future. If you want to brew great oolong tea which I strongly recommend, you can enter your email address into the subscription box. Once I update this post, I will inform you immediately. Besides that, there are much more useful tips will be published here, you have my word here.


So, for those of you who curious of how to brew oolong tea, read on, and you will get the picture.


Firstly, do not overlook the importance of water! Spring water makes the best tea, but not everyone has access to such water. If spring water is not available to you, then allow your tap water to sit uncovered for 24 hours, allowing the chlorine to escape.


Next bring the water to just below boiling point (around 85-95℃). At this point fill the teapot with the tea up to approximately 1/7 of the volume of the teapot. Fill the teapot halfway with nearly boiling-water, and then swirl the water for around ten seconds. This infusion is not for drinking but instead allows the leaves to unfurl.


After ten seconds pour out the infused water and immediately refill the pot. This first steep should be reasonably short (around 30-50 seconds), although depending on the quality and strength of the leaves you may need to experiment a little. Next the tea is poured through the strainer, needless to say, it’s time to enjoy your first brew! If your tea is of good quality, you should be able to enjoy up to eight brews before the flavor becomes weak.


If you still have some questions, or want to know more, feel free to comment below, I WILL reply asap.


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Updates: 27/4/2013

I found this video about how to make tea in general on Youtube. Actually, It’s from a British movie which filmed about 70 years ago, totally amazing! I include it here, hope it will be informative to you!




PS: If you decide to give oolong tea a try, there is a dedicated post for you before you actually buy it.


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