Oolong Tea and State of Your Mind

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How can oolong tea change your state of mind? Science and Chinese medicine describe how oolong tea helps you enhance your inner states and moods. Drinking oolong tea helps you achieve a state of calm serenity and reduced pain. Sharing oolong tea with others is an opportunity for quality time with friends and family.

When you open a container of oolong tea (preferably loose tea), you smell a rich flowery earthy aroma. Your eye delights in lovely brown or black leaves. Before you do anything else, your inner state and view of the world has begun to change. These are oolong tea benefits.

Chinese medicine describes the calming process of drinking hot oolong tea as “Clear the Inner Heat.” It seems paradoxical to drink hot stimulating tea to clear the inner heat, and achieve a state of calm. If you are busy or stressed, taking a cup of tea can calm your mind. The effect of caffeine or theine and heat of the tea raises your body temperature making you sweat. The sweating cools you and helps change your state of mind, so you feel more relaxed. These are oolong  tea benefits. For example, when you are ill, you run a fever, and it rids your body of the disease. You return to a cool calm healthy state.

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oolong tea helps you gain control over moods and states of mind. On one hand, the stimulating chemicals like caffeine make you alert and energetic. On the other hand, the warm temperature and the relaxed social environment stimulate positive thoughts and moods.

If you are experiencing pain, oolong tea can help reduce your perception of pain. Pain results from some injury or inflammation to the body. When you are in pain, oolong tea diverts your attention to the warmth, social rituals, smells and tastes. You think about the sensual experience of the tea and drinking the tea, and not the pain. The brain enhances the tea sensory experience, and blocks the pain sensations.

oolong tea and state of your mind

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Worldwide drinking oolong tea has been the basis for shared rituals to produce a calm inner state. For example, the British tea break serves to join families and friends around a pot of oolong tea and snacks. In Japan, a highly ritualized tea ceremony evolved to enhance alertness and calm for meditation. oolong tea is good in many ways to change your mood and state of mind. Enjoy yourself have a cup of oolong tea.


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