Oolong Tea Makes Your Brain Work Faster And Better

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If you want to enjoy yourself and improve your brain functioning at the same time, drink a cup of oolong tea. This article discusses ways oolong tea is good for your brain and contributes to “fundamental functioning.” Oolong tea benefits are:


It makes you smarter.

Some people think there is a connection between PH in tea and I.Q.  There is a theory that I.Q. has something to do with the PH value of fluid in the brain. Some people think oolong tea is alkaline and can reduce acidity in the brain. Others categorize tea as having a neutral or acidic PH. Adding milk or lemon to oolong tea can change the PH. The science is inclusive.


Oolong tea includes vitamins, which are good for the brain, eyes and whole body. Caffeine and theine increase AMP, which is necessary for the chemical ATP, which the brain needs. Other oolong tea benefits include having amino acids, minerals and TP (tea polyphenol), which are good for the brain.


It refreshes the brain.

brain-drawingMany cultures such as the British and Japanese take tea in the morning and afternoon. Caffeine or theine stimulates the brain creating a good mental state for studying, working or meditating.


The beauty of drinking oolong tea is that it contains polyphenol, which offsets the bad effect of theine on the human body.



Oolong tea diminishes the effects of alcohol and smoking.

A Chinese medicine concept of “sober enemy” describes the effect of oolong tea on alcohol consumption.oolong tea and smoke

For people who are drunk, polyphenol can offset the ethanol in alcohol. Drinking oolong tea relieves the discomfort of being drunk. You should not use oolong tea especially not strong tea immediately after you drink alcohol. When alcohol goes into the liver, it will be digested as water and carbon dioxide, and leave the body through the kidneys. If strong tea is used immediately after drinking, the polyphenol drives the not-fully-digested alcohol into your kidneys too soon, which could harm the kidney.

For people who smoke heavily, phenolic acids in oolong tea can precipitate nicotine and help the body excrete it. The effect of oolong tea on Nicotine results from interactions among hundreds of factors such as tea polyphenol, vitamin C, and theine.



Oolong tea is important for enhancing mood, stimulating alertness, and improving memory. It is safe and likely to have a positive effect on your brain. You should drink oolong tea and enjoy yourself. It is good for your brain.


PS: If you decide to give oolong tea a try, there is a dedicated post for you before you actually buy it.


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