Oolong Tea vs. Green Tea – What’s the difference?

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Many people get confused about whether oolong tea is green tea or not. Although, both of them are derived from same plant’s leaves known as Camellia Sinensis, this type of tea is more oxidized as compared to green tea. Moreover, its flavor is not as strong as black one but gives out a very tangy taste when brewed.

Oolong tea is commonly available in the form of either tea bags or loose leaf but recently it has been used as diet supplement for weight loss, for this purpose many diet meals consist of this tea in powdered form or other tablets. The flavor of this tea is neither as light as green tea nor too strong as black tea, it is somewhere in between them.

The origin of its name is from China and its literal meaning are ‘black dragon’. It is a Chinese myth that this tea was used to cure severe illnesses. The Chinese myth is true to some extent because there are several health benefits associated with oolong tea.

It contains antibacterial and antiviral properties making it a beneficial drink to cure related illnesses like digestion problems, obesity, viral infections and much more. It helps to improve metabolism system of human body and is also good for an individual’s immune system and keeps viruses and infections away from the body.

As compared to green tea, oolong is highly effective in reducing cholesterol levels and comprises of anti-ageing properties. Moreover, it promotes fat burning in human body which makes the process of weight loss a bit quicker whereas green tea contains antioxidant making this process a bit slower.

If you want to gather health advantages, you should always buy the purest form of this tea that contains less or no chemicals at all. In order to enjoy a good hot cup of this beverage use either tea bags or loose leaf, put it in a mug and pour hot water on it. Let it brew for a minute or two and your beverage will be ready for you to drink.

Same tea leaves can be brewed for multiple number of times but each time their brewing time increases. It depends on your personal taste whether you keep its flavor too strong or a bit light. If you prefer, you can add a little bit of milk, honey or even lemon.

Whether you want to reduce weight, strengthen your immune system or slow down aging process of skin, oolong tea can help you achieve your targets. The content of antioxidants and other properties make this beverage extremely healthy for you.

Therefore, for those individuals who want to look good and keep themselves fit, oolong tea will do the job. As compared to green tea, this beverage is much healthier. Although this tea is readily available in the market but there are many online tea stores where you will find a lot of different variety. It’s best to buy it online if you want quality product with an attractive price tag.

oolong tea vs other teas


PS: If you decide to give oolong tea a try, there is a dedicated post for you before you actually buy it.


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