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Oolong tea originated in China over 400 years ago. These days, it is gaining more traction in western countries because this fragrant and refreshing tea has many benefits for human beings. So, in this post, I present main oolong tea benefits for you concisely, and you can also click each link to learn more.


1. Boost Weight Loss


One of the primary benefits of oolong tea is its ability aiding in weight loss. Most people find that drinking a cup twice a day notice a considerable decrease in their weight.

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Quick take away here: drink a cup of this tea 30 minutes or an hour just before your exercise, walking, or yoga session and you’ll earn rewards.

Since lots of western people suffer from excess weight, and it is proved more effective than green tea on
shedding fat, a lot of emphasis have been given on this particular aspect.


But, it’s worthwhile to dig deeper..

2. Combat the Signs of Aging

Oolong helps halt the signs of aging. This antioxidant rich drink helps destroy free radicals; thus, making it a perfect drink for those concerned about aging.

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3. Lower Risk of Heart Disease

In 2012, heart disease killed about 600,000 people in United Stated. But this tea, if consuming regularly, can allow the blood to flow easier through the arteries, because of its ability to dilate a person’s blood vessels. Therefore, the incidence of heart disease is much lower for those who drink.

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4. Prevent Cancer

Because of its ability to destroy free radicals, it is enjoyed by numerous people who know this secret.

This powerful tea is full of numerous antioxidants; thus, making it a perfect go to drink for cancer prevention.

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5. Manage Diabetes

In several studies, Type II diabetes patients have noticed a reduction in their blood glucose levels by using oolong. This decrease has allowed some patients to lower their dosage or even stop taking their insulin.

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6. Relieve Stress & Ease Pain

With only four servings of this delicious beverage a day, patients have reported a considerable decrease in their stress levels. To increase the calming effect of oolong, it is recommended that patients enjoy their cup of tea while listening to soft music.

I recommend you give a try because it works for me. Yes, I sometimes suffer from excessive stress, from work, life, or family, but I know how to handle it. And oolong is one of my secret formulas.

Because of the calming effects created by polyphenols in oolong tea, patients experiencing continued pain, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia(muscle pain), have reported a decrease in their suffering.

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7. Decrease Cholesterol

Studies demonstrate that oolong assist reduce the amount of oxidation of LDL(Low Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol(usually considered as “bad” cholesterol) in the blood stream because of its antioxidant effects.

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Nutritional Content

There is an ancient Chinese proverb which says, “To know truly is to know by cause”. So why oolong tea could be so beneficial to human, there gotta be some underlying, or fundamental causes.

In this article on Oolong Tea Community, you will know the exact “why”. This is something thorough about the oolong nutrients that I couldn’t find when I just started to learn this wonderful leaf.

I’ve list almost all the underlying nutrients of it, so it could be quite educating if you just know the benefits but know little about the underlying cause.

So, when you read through it, you will know what I’m talking about.

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To be continued..

In previous couple of weeks, I have published many articles for some benefits of oolong tea in much more detail. And there still a few to cover. So, if you enjoy this one, please keep tuned. You can also enter you email address  in “Sign-up box” on the top of sidebar on every page of this website,  so you will receive updates every time I publish a article, however I will NOT spam or flood you mailbox in any form.

So, I guess I will see you next time on OTC. And again, if you want to know anything about this leaf, or have any questions or doubts or whatever, please comment on the post, I will reply as soon as I can.



PS: If you decide to give oolong tea a try, there is a dedicated post for you before you actually buy it.

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  1. What an informative article! Thanks for bring this information to us. Most of the western world only know of green tea. Not only has Oolong tea been deeply enjoyed by Chinese tea connoisseurs for it’s amazing flavor and aroma, it’s benefits are outstanding in regards to weight loss and health benefits. Simply put, it is #1 weight loss tea and world’s most powerful natural fat burner.

  2. Me too, agree with the calming effects of drinking oolong teas. I was a religious coffee drinker for years and now enjoy the benefits of a great cup of oolong tea instead. Thanks for sharing!

    • Steven Shaw

      Hi Shawon, I am glad that the post is useful to you. Thanks for leaving the comment.

  3. Rheem Tankless Water Heater

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about oolong tea benefits.


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