Oolong Tea for Weight Loss and It Works!

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Tea for weight loss is becoming a trend in slimming and dieting world. In specific, a lot of emphasis is given to the weight loss elements of green tea. But oolong may be a better solution, and here is why.


Historical Facts on Oolong Tea Benefits


For a very long period of time, Chinese health enthusiasts perceive that there is a connection between taking this tea and weight loss. And recently, some studies have shown numerous of science facts behind these claims.


In 1990s, a Chinese research study shows that the regular consumption of oolong for six consecutive weeks caused the decrease of body weight. The upsurge in fat oxidation by drinking this tea is truly amazing.


To shed light on this ancient Chinese belief, which links oolong to weight loss, the United States Department of Agriculture has also conducted a study on energy expenditure on those who drank this tea and those who drank plain water for three days.

The study shows that those who drank the tea have a higher energy expenditure and fat oxidation rate (at least 3% more), burning about 67 more calories a day, than the water drinkers.


oolong tea history

Ancient Chinese and Oolong

Another study on oolong tea was conducted in 2003 by Japanese health researchers. Their findings have shown that the polymerized polyphenols, which are found in this tea (higher than green tea), are compounds that help accelerate the burning of fats.


The study has also shown a significant increase on energy expenditure within 120 minutes from the time the tea was consumed, promoting the use of fat as a source of energy. Thus, it concluded that this tea is a healthy tool for maintaining and reducing weight.

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Diet and Oolong Tea

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In order to appreciate how this tea can be helpful in weight management, it’s worth understanding the simple principles of dieting.


Generally, dieting is simply about calories taking in and calories taking out. Ideally we want a faster metabolism or level at which the human body burns fat and decrease the amount of calories coming in. We all know that a successful and meaningful diet is all about proper exercise and healthily meals.

The Weight Loss Link


The two leading ways to lessen food related body weight concerns are increasing energy expenditure and deterring the body absorption of carbohydrates and fats. These objects can be best achieved by drinking oolong, as it contains essential compounds that upturn the body’s metabolism, hence, increasing energy expenditure.


In Depth: Oolong Tea Benefits for weight loss


• Oolong contains caffeine which assists burn calories.

The beauty of this tea is that there’s additional natural chemical compound called as polyphenol, which aid limit the bad impacts of a fatty diet and assist our body to target fat and cholesterol burning.


Studies found significant increase in metabolism levels, with participants in a research burning off an extra 67 calories each day after drinking. It revealed that fat burning amplified by 12% over taking just plain and usual caffeinated water.


• Drinking tea in the afternoon can prevent those cravings or hungers and effectively deal with the afternoon dynamism slump.

oolong tea weight loss

Drink this tea before running to double the burning effect. Give it a shot!

If you decide to focus on weight management by switching to oolong tea diet, emphasizing and watching the food you eat as well as engaging in exercise will certainly help you achieve your slimming goals.


Drink a cup of this tea 30 minutes or an hour prior to your workout, walk, or yoga session and you will earn rewards.


• Oolong tea is more effective than the usual green tea and actually cuts over 150% more bad cholesterol and fatty cells.

This, along with the fact that it is one of the confirmed Chinese healthy teas, makes weight loss much easier. So, whether you need to lose just a few pounds or shed a lot of weight, this tea is a superb option for you.


oolong tea for weight loss


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Indeed, it’s true that if you exchange your habit from a regular coffee to a cup of oolong, it means you are not only decreasing the calories, but also improving your body’s metabolism rate. This definitely can result to a double-whammy effect when talking about shedding some extra pounds.

Let’s Watch What Dr. Oz Would Say About Weight Loss By Drinking Tea

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Ask Community

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I hope this post is useful to you. If so, you can try burning fat by drinking this magical tea along with exercise plan today! Cheers, guys!




PS: If you decide to give oolong tea a try, there is a dedicated post for you before you actually buy it.


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