Where to Buy Oolong Tea – Something You Must Know

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Hi, after you read my other articles on my site, you may ask the question, “Where to purchase high-quality oolong tea?” or “Do I have to go to China to buy the best oolong tea?” In this post, I will answer questions like these.


No, you don’t have to go to China, but it will definitely increase the chances that you get the high-quality stuff.


The truth is that you may find this tea in your local supermarket, but a word of warning should be given. These teas are typically generic tea, possibly compromising on quality, therefore, on their health benefits. If you live near an Asian shop, you may find that they sell a good quality tea. Health food shops are also certainly worth checking out.


However, it must be said that if you can visit a shop that specializes in loose tea, you will likely purchase oolong of a higher quality. Many of these shops even allow you to sample the tea first. If such a visit is not possible for you, then purchasing it online is certainly an option, although there are a few things to bear in mind:


1. Firstly, only purchase oolong in loose leaf form. Avoid tea bags or broken leaf tea where quality and health benefits will likely be compromised.


2. Another tip is to purchase small quantities from various online outlets, allowing you to experiment, and determine which tea is both of a good quality and has an attractive flavor to you.


3. Don’t be afraid to visit tea community websites and blogs to find out what others are saying about the tea they have purchased online.


In other posts, I will tell you exactly where to buy oolong tea. Right now, I am gathering the best data that I can get, simply because I want to provide the best purchase experience for you.


It can be very easy to include an affiliate link here, but I WON’T do that. Because, this is an independent website and I know very clearly that to buy the best quality tea, you must go to the reliable local shops or buy it from online retailers.You must also always  buy the loose tea.


I strongly recommended that NOT to buy oolong tea in bag form (No Tea Bag!), if you’re really serious about this magic leaf.


In the near future, you will see more detailed info regarding this aspect. If you have any questions now, feel free to comment on the bottom of this page. I will reply ASAP.


So before that, I suggest you poke around my site, or join our community. You can simply put your email address in the subscription box, which is on the upper right side of each page of this website, and I WILL notify you once I update the post!


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  1. Hunnytree

    Yes,,,I would appreciate the details on the NO TEA BAG comments. What I just purchased is in tea bags…it is organic I will say that.

    Oh dear. Sigh.

    • Steven Shaw

      Hi Hunnytree, thanks for your comment. Glad you find that useful. Since you have skin rash, I strongly suggest you to purchase loose tea, because it’s more natural than tea bag.

      I NEVER drink oolong tea bag myself, and I only believe LOOSE tea if you drink this magic leaf for health purpose.

      So why there are so many people use tea bag? The intuitive thought is that it’s quite convenient compared to loose form when brewing the oolong.

      Unfortunately, it is the truth. But don’t worry, I wrote a post to tell reader how to brew oolong and you can also dig deep around the internet.

      Check this out —>Preparation: How To Brew Oolong Tea

  2. Al

    Hi Steven,

    Great Site! I suppose what I’d like to know, has been asked many times:
    Where can one order the *Best* Oolong tea (Online)? By *Best*, I mean a grade of Oolong that is closest to the real Red Robe Tea (which no-one but the elite are able to access).


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